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Second hand textile machinery

SP 104

BENNINGER-ZELL high productive sizing range, model BEN-SIZETEC

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Serial number : A137xx


Composed of:


N 1 - Benninger beams creel model ZA20 for 20 fractional beams each width 2200mm (flange to flange),

max flange diam 1000mm, with air pneumatic braking system. Unwinding tension , 160N for beam with

flange diam 1000mm at the air pressure of 6 bar.


-beam-loading-unloading carrier with on-floor rails.


- N 1- Benninger beam creel 1 position model SWA , for feeding from sectional warp beam flange

diam.1000 mm. , with cells of charge for tension yarn regulation. , Breaking system with steel strip

with the fields of brake lining, and servo pneumatic piston


N 1 - electronic drafting force measuring systems model MW.


N° 1 - BENNINGER size boxes model TDK, tank inox steel capacity 240 lt. , Entry with 3 cylinders

( 1 cylinder inox steel + 1 cylinder covering rubber diam.205 mm. + 1 cylinder inox steel ) cylinders

width 2400mm, working width 2200mm, each box with 2 pairs of squeezing cylinders and 2 double

immersion cylinders covering rubber , adjustable squeezing pression up to 5.000 daN (kgf), pneumatic

device for pressure and lifting of the cylinder, Automatic regulation of squeezing pressure by BEN-SIZETEC

system. Automatic size feeding device. HANDYMAT sizing box control system with display. Wet separating

field for impregnating box for separation of the warp in two layers, with 1 teflon-covered steam-heated

measuring cylinder and 1 teflon-covered steam-heated deviating cylinder.


N°01 zone of divide in semi wet , by 2 rolls compensator , for cells of charge for tension yarn



N 1 - Benninger compact dryer type ZT8 ,

-08 drying cylinders width 2400mm , 06 of them tefloned, diam 800mm. Saturated steam 3,5 bar, max

temperature 147°C. ,

-4 electronic temperature regulations; comand by means of 3 phases motor and inverter.

-Standard hooder with 2 fans.

-01 cylinder with electronic / pneumatic , compensation device

-CV oiling and waxing device at the exit.


-N°01 zone of divide in drying , by 7 rolls of separation for sectional warp beams , and 19 rolls of

separation for fractional warp beams


-N°01- MAHLO humidity electronic control and regulation. TYPE RMS-7S

-Dust suction and filtering system.


-N 1 - Benninger high productive headstock/beaming model BB, MINIMUN WORKING WIDTH : 1200

mm. , MAXIMUN WIDTH : 2400mm, ( max working width 2300 mm ) , suitable for beams up to max flange

diam 1000 mm, speed from 0,4 to 125 m/min, chain tension 1500 daN, inverter control, extensible reed.

- power unit for driving the warp beam, to 3 cylinders .

-N°01- Pressing device for warp beam , with 3 rolls

-Automatic Loading & unloading and doffing for beams.

-Electronic system for tension control of warp

-Programmer Computerized microprocessor automatic control system type BEN SIZETEC , for control

hardware with primary elaboration and hardware PLC , software primary elaborator and software PLC with

monitor and modem.




Size kitchen , working capacity 1200 lt, with automatic temperature regulation system, water counter. N 2

storage tanks , working capacity 1000 lt each,

temperature regulation.